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You can order grazing spreads in a variety of sizes as well as two flavor profiles, to help you get the most of the quality ingredients you love to make the perfect bite. Whether you like Sweet & Salty or Spicy & Savory, we have everything to please the crowd. When you select your board size, you will have the option to choose from the two flavor palates which will include a variation of the deliciousness listed below! All boards will be inclusive of fresh berries, pure honey, whole grain Dijon, olives, nuts and dried fruits. They will all include bamboo serving tongs, coming on a biodegradable wood tray wrapped in food safe plastic film to keep everything fresh.  

Varieties rotate often based on availability, season and freshness.

Sweet & Salty

Italian Prosciutto, Citterio Sweet Sopressata, Citterio Abruzzese Mild Dry Salame, Genoa Salami with wine, Blueberry Vanilla Goat Cheese, BelGioioso Asiago, Appalachian (creamy buttery cheese with notes of mushroom & lemon), Cowtipper (Gouda-style cheese aged for a minimum of 2 months, bathed in Yuengling  Porter for a caramel hops flavor), Bamboozle (semi-soft cheese with notes of prosciutto and peanuts, rind washed with beer, Old Gold (aged for 12+ months Gouda style cheese with a caramel sweetness), Port Wine Cheddar, Yogurt Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Hazelnut Wafers

Spicy & Savory

Citterio Hot Sopressata, Coppa, Calabrese Salame, Genoa Salami, Birchrun Blue (sweet & peppery blue cheese), Cowboy Coffee (cheddar style hand-rubbed espresso), Vampire Slayer (mild cheddar hand-mixed with garlic, ginger, onion & paprika), Smoked Gouda, Wild Rosemary (Rolled in freshly dried rosemary and extra virgin olive oil), Cheddar 2 Year (Vermont cheddar aged 2 year, extra sharp with a complex savory profile), Hop BBQ Rub Cheese Curds, Peppadew Peppers, Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

*Please note, although we can remove nuts from the board,

there may be cross contamination with our cheeses that may have nutty earthy flavors.* 

Grazing Spreads

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